God Loves Bergen So Much, He Washes It Every Day

Bergen, the City of Seven Mountains, the Meadow Among Mountains. This port city was founded in 1070, established the current fish market with its extensive variety of foods from the ocean in the 1400’s, and was once the capital of Norway. Being surrounded by pine forests, most buildings are built of pine. The different neighborhoods reflect the ebb and flow of history and also when each area was rebuilt after fires.

Fishing, universities and street art take center stage in little Bergen. The busiest port in Norway is here. Ten percent of the population is university students. This leads to an influx of live music and casual drinking establishments. Street art is blooming and Banksy even spent time here just before his fame.

“God loves Bergen so much, he washes it every day!” The climate reminds us of Arcata, overcast and drizzling. People are outdoorsy and simply dress properly for the weather. Speaking of the sky, we are told the sun sets at 11pm and rises at 4:30am, but in reality we have not seen the sun anywhere near the horizon. It messes with our perceptions and created a nifty little parlor game called “What time do you think it is?!”

Airport Life

This was not the way we planned to start the trip.

The town car ride to the airport was an exquisitely start. We felt like little kids playing with all the seat adjustment buttons. Check in at a Norwegian Air was a snap and there was no line at security. But, our flight was delayed an hour and we only had 55 minutes between flights in Stockholm. After several calls with multiple plans including the possibility of spending the night in Stockholm, the Go With the Flow plan was put in place.

After the 9 hour flight from Oakland to Stockholm with 1 giggling child and 1 screaming child in our section, we bolted past everyone getting off the plane to make the Bergen flight which was still at the gate when we landed. A magical lady appeared with a sign telling us which gate to head towards and another got us to the front of the customs line. After the very, very careful man at security slowly checked and rechecked each person’s bag, the magical woman appeared telling us to go to another gate and jump on the plane to Oslo.

Arriving in Oslo with no boarding passes from that airport, we hurried around from one helpful person to another until we found The One. She issued us new boarding passes on the last flight to Bergen. Hurrah! Thank goodness we were in an English speaking country or this would have been exasperating!

We somehow arrived on the correct day, although our bags are still working their way here.

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